heated dildo’s – now there’s a brilliant idea!


I have scoured the internet, and also visited more than a few adult toy shops in town, in search of the ultimate accessory: a self-heating dildo. however, my search was unsuccessful. I thought for sure this must be a mistake or I was lacking in my google search skills. sadly, that was not the case. I can’t understand why on earth this wonderful idea is not yet on the market. c’mon people, it’s 2012!! we have astronauts walking on the moon and technology that is so extremely advanced that it hasn’t even been revealed to the public. but yet, no heated dildo’s. how disappointing.
now, I’m not referring to those dildo’s where they are made of glass & u can place them in hot water. that’s way too much work. when a girl (or guy) is laying in bed and gets that need for release, they just want to reach into their “toy box” and get to work. who the h*ll wants to get up, walk to the sink, fill a container with hot water, then wait like 10 or 15 minutes til it’s hot enough?? certainly not I. who’s with me?
I don’t know if it’s because of some FDA regulation or what but I believe this would be a hot item, no pun intended. I don’t know the first thing about bringing my idea from my head to the manufacturing stage. I’m open to suggestions.


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